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The villages

For the villages we use a design integrating 25 years of experience with emergency disaster relief and incorporating the 5R principle


R 1
Quick to manufacture & build.


R 2

The residents can assist to build their homes in 60 minutes or less.


R 3

The units can be disassembled and brought to Ukraine and used awaiting the reconstruction of their cities and villages.


R 4

The units can be dismantled, stored and utilized for future emergencies.


R 5
Reducing long term costs by manufacturing locally while reducing carbon emissions.

In determining the lay out and facilities of a village, the needs and well-being of the refugees are central. Although the location is temporary and they are away from home, they should be able to live a relatively normal life within the safe community of the village, where kids can go to school and play and adults can contribute to the community by performing some of the required tasks in the village.

An experienced Ukrainian architect will be engaged, to make sure the typical needs and way of life of Ukrainian refugees are understood and translated into the village design.

Local NGO’s or authorities will be asked to supervise the village applying international protocols. This goes beyond the mission of Emervill and can be done much better by local, experienced organisations.

Technical characteristics

  • Meeting UN Standards

  • Incorporating climate design for 28.9 °C to -40 °C
  • Non-flammable
  • Anti-fungal
  • No foundations required
  • No cranes required for the installation, minimal equipment
  • Easy to install, villagers can help
  • Short installation time: around 60 minutes for a housing unit itself

  • Low-cost logistics, 6 housing units per 40’ container

  • Typical size of a unit is 26.9 sqm, bigger than most comparable systems

  • Local production possible, reducing costs and GHG emissions.

Typical design and layout of classroom and village house

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