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A home in 60 minutes,
a village within a day

What we do

To give an impression of the activities required to set up a village the following overview can be given:

  • Identifying suitable locations for emergency response villages and agreeing terms with the owners.

  • Review and organise permits and other authorisations.
  • Make sure utilities are avaible (water, electricity, sewerage, internet).
  • Ensure local NGO’s and/or authorities are willing to manage and support the village from the moment refugees move in.

  • Design village layout.
  • Order the housing units and other required materials.
  • Organise local civil works.
  • Organise installation of the housing units and other areas.
  • Handover to local village management, who can then invite refugees to come to the village.
  • Organise regular feedback from village management and inhabitants.
  • Ensure maintenance and repair can be done as required.

Once the village is no longer required on the temporary location we will ensure the removal to a new location. The housing units can continue to be used for a minimum of 15 years.

Most of the above project management activities are outsourced to keep our organisation lean and mean and clearly separate fundraising and fund management from operational activities.

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